#19: On playing great games; Twixt Review

#19: On playing great games; Twixt Review
Get on Board Season 1

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The world is upside down as we start another episode with our recent plays. Before things get too heated, we also review Twixt, a classic abstract that will appeal to particularly few people, but still offers a great game experience. Finally, we dive into a messy discussion topic that gets a little heated: are great games infinitely replayable? Should we look for games that offer a lot of replayability? Should we expect our favorite games to always stay fresh? As you might expect, Tim and I reach different conclusions! Show notes after the break.

00:19 – Introduction
00:46 – Recent Plays

14:20Twixt Review
35:48 – Discussion: The Replayability of Great Games

1:05:57 – Wrapping Up

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