#11: Teaching Games Well, and Sagrada

Get on Board
Get on Board
#11: Teaching Games Well, and Sagrada

This episode, we’ll be talking about tips and tricks for teaching games well. Tim regrets the pitfalls of judging a book by its cover, and (on an entirely unrelated topic) we also take a look at the popular dice-placement filler, Sagrada!

00:19 – Introduction
01:07 – Teaching Games Well

  • What games do you pull out to teach newbs? (02:12) – Splendor, Sushi Go Party, Deep Sea Adventure, Skull
  • What games do you pull out as a midweight recommendation? (05:42) – 7 Wonders, Lords of Waterdeep
  • How do you teach? (07:45)
  • Should you use sample turns to teach/do you teach strategy when you teach? (11:35)
  • Top-down explanation and why we love it (18:22)
  • Should other players pre-read rules? Should you as a host pre-select the game choices? (24:09)

28:11Sagrada Review

50:46 – Recent Plays

56:34 – Games On Our Radar

1:01:19 – Wrapping Up