#13: Unpredictable! Oh Yeah!

#13: Unpredictable! Oh Yeah!
Get on Board Season 1

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Join us as we talk about randomness in gaming — or, to quote a certain Despicable Me nemesis: “Unpredictable! Oh Yeah!” We talk about what level of randomness we’re OK with in board games, why randomness is a useful tool for game designers, and specific ways that dice and card randomness can be done well. Things wrap up with our usual recent plays. Show notes and mentioned games after the break.

00:17 – Introduction
01:14 – Why do we have randomness in board games?

10:52 – Why is randomness a useful tool for game designers?

19:37 – Randomness with Dice (our good and bad examples)

33:29 – Randomness with Cards (our good and bad examples)

49:27 – Recent Plays

55:56 – Wrapping Up

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