#15: Co-op Discussion Extravaganza

#15: Co-op Discussion Extravaganza
Get on Board Season 1

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Join us for a discussion of co-ops! We talk about what makes a co-op game fun, why we play cooperative vs. competitive games, and common mechanics that are seen in co-op games. We also discuss underutilized mechanics in co-op games, and wrap up with a few recent play impressions.

We will be off next week for vacation, but look for us to return the week of April 9th!

00:18 – Introduction
07:48 – Cooperative Game Designs/Mechanics

31:44 – Cooperative Games (and game mechanics) that Break the Mold

39:02 – What is the “fun element” in Co-ops you Enjoy?

51:24 – Recent Plays & Wrapping Up

(Apologies once again for dicey audio quality. Next week will be better!)

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