#3: Questions about Board Game Reviews

#3: Questions about Board Game Reviews
Get on Board Season 1

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In this episode, we talk about reviewing games well. Every reviewer of anything out there (food, art, board games, movies), struggles to balance the objective and subjective. No matter how much you talk about the objective components of any given object, you are still drawing on your own personal, subjective experience in making conclusions about the game. Join us as we wrestle with questions such as, “How can we objectively review a board game?”, “What do we do with games we don’t enjoy?”, “Should we really recommend that people buy a game?”

00:13 – Introduction
01:03 – Is it possible to say that a game is objectively good/bad?
07:37 – How do we handle mediocre games? (and we babble about some mediocre games)
18:59 – Is it fair for reviewers to compare a game to another game?
27:03 – Should a reviewer play a game multiple times before releasing an opinion?
36:28 – Wrapping Up

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