#16: The Variety Show

Get on Board
Get on Board
#16: The Variety Show

We return to our regularly scheduled program after some unfortunate equipment malfunctions! This is a “getting back to speed” episode, with a lot of talk about our recent plays, recent purchases, and upcoming convention we’ll be attending. We also dip our hand into the mailbag for a listener question.

00:17 – Introduction
01:40 – Recent Purchases

19:21 – Recent Plays

  • Tim: Orleans, Sekigahara: the Unification of Japan, Dexikon, 51st State
  • Andrew: Spyrium, Go, Bohnanza, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
  • 49:08 – Miniature Painting
    52:47 – Listener Question (from KeepingThePiece)
    1:02:03 – Wrapping Up